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Telecommunications Systems Installation & Maintenance


To provide our commercial, institutional, and industrial customers with the highest quality telecommunications service installations for their facilities. It is our continuing goal to exceed customer expectations. We rely on our customer’s’ satisfaction and referrals to drive our ongoing growth and success.

Meet Our team

Telecommunications contractor Telephone & Network Technologies (TNT) was founded in 1990 by Roger Carrier, after having successfully completed a twenty year career with AT&T/NYNEX.

Our company was founded on the principle of always exceeding customer expectations and this exemplary approach to customer service has fueled the company’s ongoing success.

TNT currently fields of workforce of 30 full time employees and offers a wide range of technical, communications construction and maintenance services.

The TNT management and supervisory team offers over a century of combined telcom experience.

Roger Carrier

Has over 50 years of installation and service experience in the telecommunications industry, including 20 years with AT&T.

Brian Maillet

Operations Manager
Oversees the service and maintenance of advanced commercial Phone, Intercom, Clock, Paging, Network, Sound Systems, Sound Masking & Home Automation, from single office applications to multi-location installations.

Lisa Goodreau

Office Manager
Lisa Goodreau brings over 25 years of administrative experience in Office Management, Human Resources, and Accounting. She assists in the development and implementation of firm policies and procedures; manages and oversees the administration of HR policies, programs and practices within the firm; she maintains accounts payable, receivables and Customer Service.

Doyle Barnes

Project Manager
New Hampshire and North Carolina Locations
With 20+ years of field installations and management experience, Doyle manages our structured cabling division, including estimating large and small cabling projects, voice, data, fiber, camera and card access installation, scheduling of projects, customer support before and after project completion.

Dan Boyce

Security System Manager
Responsible for our companies Security and Surveillance estimates, projects, scheduling, programming, and training.  Over 25 years experience.

Eric Magnan

Professional Services Manager
25+ year experience working in the IT services field and has run IT services groups for over 15 years. Has worked on a wide area of technologies including desktops, servers, storage, networking, and security.

Andrew Gagnon

Sr. Telephone and Control 4 Technician
Florida Location
Responsible for phone and home automation estimates, projects, scheduling, programming, and training.

Tyler Dean

Lead Service Technician
New Hampshire Location
Responsible for site visits, installation, programming, and training of IP phone solutions, networks, intercom and clock systems, home automations systems and sound masking systems.

Brian Chase

Sr. Control 4 Service Technician
Florida Location
Responsible for estimates, installation, programming, and training of home automation projects.


TNT maintains ongoing training and certification for all critical personnel across all of the product lines we install and support including:
  • BICSI Certified installers and
  • RCDD Engineer on staff
  • SIEMONS Certified installers
    and design engineers
  • AVAYA Systimax Certified
  • HUBBELL Mission Critical
  • OSHA Certified
  • Ortronics Certified
  • Leviton Certified
  • AMP Certified
  • Krone Certified
  • Panduit Certified
  • Corning (fiber optics)


Telephone & Network Technologies shares a 50,000 square foot office facility in Hooksett, New Hampshire with one of its key implementation partners, Utility Service and Assistance. Our newest location is in Punta Gorda, Florida. License#EF20001709.

From network support to heavy construction services, TNT offers 24/7 dependability for commercial voice and data requirements – large and small.

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