Speaker, Sound Systems & Sound Masking

Coupled with our personalized customer service, Bogen Apogee speaker & sound systems are a reliable solution to your sound reinforcement requirements. Sound specialists around the world make Apogee Sound International and Bogen Communications, Inc. loudspeakers and amplifiers their first choice for many reasons, including advanced designs, ultra-high manufacturing quality and consistency from product to product.

Telephone & Network Technologies (TNT) provides professional quality sound reinforcement speaker & sound systems, processors, and amplifiers, professionally installed and maintained by TNT in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

Common Applications:

  • Athletic Fields
  • Auditoriums
  • Theaters & Performing Arts Centers
  • Arenas & Stadiums
  • Churches, Synagogues, Houses of Worship
  • Discos, Clubs, & Halls
  • A / V Industrials
  • Theme Parks & Museums
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Gymnasiums

Sound Masking

Sound masking is the process of adding background sound to reduce noise distractions, protect speech privacy and increase office comfort. By adding sound masking to a workplace, conversations are notably less intelligible or noticeable, and thus less distracting. The workplace becomes more comfortable, private, and productive. Telephone & Network Technologies partners with Cambridge sound for all our sound masking needs. The offer top of the line products for emitters as well as the QT 300 and QT 600

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